Climate Action Day Update: Beata Moon’s Video & More!


From Beata Moon, Composer

Dear friends,

I hope this finds you well.  I’m pleased to share that I am now certified as a Climate Reality Leader trained by former US Vice President Al Gore and The Climate Reality Project.  (Please reach out if you’d like for me to present about climate change at your organization/group.)

You may know that the UN Climate Conference COP26 is taking place 10/31-11/12 in Glasgow.

With all the floods, fires, excessive heat, and extreme weather we have been experiencing, it is imperative that we act now to reduce emissions.

10/29 (and beyond) is a day of action.  Please share this song I wrote, “Climate Justice,” on social media (#LetsGetReal). Kids from all over the world participated in the video, asking for your help for their future.

Here are other steps you can take.  The climate crisis can seem overwhelming, but if we each contribute and spread the word, we can accomplish this together.

  • Meatless Monday – reduce your meat intake.
  • Find out if your financial institution subsidizes fossil fuels and demand change. (I am going to write to my bank, CHASE, which gives billions of dollars to the fossil fuel industry in subsidies and switch if they do not respond. If you’d like to use my letter as a template, please let me know.)
  • Reduce your use of products using palm oil. Support sustainable palm oil products instead. Other recommendations.
  • Reduce food waste and eat more sustainably.
  • Just being more conscious and aware of the choices you make. We as consumers have more power when acting together.

There are more ideas of how to take action depending upon your geographic location here. (scroll down)

I am motivated when I think of my son’s future. Please join me in taking whatever action steps you are able to.

Thank you for your consideration and be well.


A versatile musician acclaimed for her expressivity and sincerity, Beata Moon continues to reach audiences through her many-faceted roles as composer, pianist and educator. Moon graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree from the Juilliard School where she was a student of Adele Marcus. The last twenty years have seen Moon produce works in a variety of genres, including solo instrumental, chamber and voice. Her four CDs of original music were enthusiastically received by press and public alike and continue to be broadcast and performed throughout the world. Reviewer Andrew Druckenbrod of Gramophone magazine wrote, “Moon writes compelling music that is utterly sincere…” She has created and performed interactive concerts for children for Musica Reginae, a classical music collective in New York City. Moon also works as a teaching artist for Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center Education, the New York Philharmonic and Marquis Studios where she has led workshops and designed curriculums tailored for students of various backgrounds. Through her various roles as an educator, performer and composer, Moon fulfills her wish to work musically with people of all ages and backgrounds. She believes that creating and making music (not just listening to music) can be an invigorating way to process life’s varied experiences.

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