United We Dream: Coronavirus Resource Hub for the Immigrant Community


Via United We Dream:

United We Dream always has your back. During these uncertain times, it is important that we stick together and are well informed. We’ve created these resources to help guide your family during these unprecedented times.

Check out United We Dream for the following resources and more:

Informational Resources

The NationalUndocuFund
Frequently Asked Questions about DACA Renewals in the Middle of COVID-19 Crisis
Top 5 Things You Need to Know About The COVID19 Stimulus Package
COVID-19 USCIS Office Closures Guidance
Healthcare access for Undocumented Folks in the Time of COVID19
How to Convince Your Parents That COVID-19 is a Big Deal
How To Talk to Your Loved Ones about COVID-19
Two Things to Keep Communication with Your Loved Ones During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Ways to Take Action