Deep thanks to our crowdfunding supporters!


Our crowdfunding campaign just ended, and we couldn’t be more grateful to everyone who donated and spread the word! We send infinite gratitude and love to all listed below.

And for anyone who missed the crowdfunding deadline but still wants to chip in, good news — you can still support Habitat: Home via our general fund page!

The project is going strong with new art pieces in development for the October 2019 NYC performances, and we’re continuing to have regular full-group meetings where we talk about and practice collaboration and creative process. Check out some footage and stills from our work so far here:

With thanks to the Habitat: Home NYC Crowdfunding Heroes:
R. Luckett
Carolyn Nelson
Neena Beber
Jami Brandli
Estha Weiner
Lara Murphy
Richard Sheinmel
Elizabeth McIntire
Marianna Koval
Joan Zelkowicz
Robert Dorson
Matthew Billman
Cindy Sideris
William Steinberger
Zev Burrows
Sabina Petra
Jamie Kruse
Ernest Rubinstein
Johnny Lloyd
Rosalind Grush
Nancy Gruver
Tim Jerome
Elizabeth Engelman
Matt Frey
Molly Levine
Jascha Hoffman
Randi Alexander
Sophie Oberfield
Ayumi Okada
Bobbie Greenspan
Janet Smith
Elana Plenby
Allison Gray
Amanda Duncan
Brian Mountford
Kathryn Phillips
Jean Kilbourne
Marilyn Weisman
Leesa & Carl Barenboim
Rev. Adriene Thorne – In Memory of Markiver Grissom, Jr., my dance partner and friend who dances with the angels now
+ 23 anonymous/private donors