Dismantling Racism Works (dRworks) is
​pleased to offer our workbook and other resources.
We hope you find the material here useful
to you, your organization, and your community. 
​This web-based workbook was originally designed to support the
​Dismantling Racism Works 2-day basic workshop.
The workbook is now offered as a resource to the community.
If you would, please continue to credit dRworks if and when you use our material. Thank you.
This web-based workbook is resource dense, so for best results, use a computer to view and use it.
​​This website is a web-based version of a workbook designed originally to support the Dismantling Racism workshop offered by Dismantling Racism Works, a training collaborative that is not offering workshops or consulting support at this time. The workshop was one step in a longer process developed initially by Kenneth Jones and Tema Okun over three decades ago. It builds on the work of many people, including (but not limited to) Andrea Ayvazian, Cynthia Brown, Bree Carlson, Beverly Daniel Tatum, Eli Dueker, Nancy Emond, Jonathan Henderson, Vivette Jeffries-Logan, Michelle Johnson, Jonn Lunsford, Jes Kelley, Sharon Martinas, jona olsson, Suzanne Plihcik, Christina Rivera-Chapman, David Rogers, James Williams, Sally Yee, as well as the work of the Peace Development Fund, Grassroots Leadership, Equity Institute Inc, the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, the Challenging White Supremacy workshop, the Lillie Allen Institute, the Western States Center, and the contributions of the many participants in the DR workshops over so many years. Many people’s thinking and experience have contributed to the resources you will find here.