Featured Artist: Esco Jouléy


Esco Jouléy, Actor, Singer, Dancer, Movement Artist, Clown & Creator

Esco Jouléy is an actor, singer, dancer, movement artist, and creator located in New York City. Esco is a Penn State University graduate with a BA in Integrative Arts and a minor in Dance. Esco also graduated from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC. Esco is originally from Washington DC, where they had the opportunity to sing for President George W. Bush, mezzo soprano Denise Graves, and at Constitution Hall. Esco was awarded the Robert J. Prindle and Doris P. Prindle Memorial Award and the Lauren M. Becker Memorial Award in creative art. Esco was a resident actor at the historic Barter Theater for three and a half years. Since moving back to New York in 2015, Esco has participated in readings and festivals throughout NYC, including the Signature Theatre and the NYC ABC Showcase. As a movement artist, Esco is the creator and performer of “One”, a mute character that lives in the same world as the great artists Charlie Chaplin, Buster Kenton, and Harpo Marx. Esco has used this character to explore human movement and how one would communicate with people if one could not speak. One can be seen in their monthly improv show “JustOne Improv” in NYC! More information about Esco and their work can be found at escojouley.com, @escojouley, onezlife.com, and @onezlife.

“Habitat: Home – NYC” partner: Jay Zimmerman, Composer & Accessibility Advocate

Any information about your heritage or identity if you’d like to share: I am a POC Non-binary Queer Artist hoping to spread more communication and smiles through movement.  

Why you’re excited to participate in “Habitat: Home – NYC”: I am excited to participate in “Habitat: Home – NYC” because it is a group of artists (who don’t know each other) all coming together to share art that will inspire adults and children. 

What you’re currently exploring for your “Habitat: Home – NYC” piece: We are currently working on trying to find out what labels we actually put upon ourselves, decided that we want, or want to explore verse what labels others forcefully or unknowingly put on us. 

What motivates you to make this piece: What motivates both me and my partner are the questions we have been asking ourselves. Who am? How do I want to identify? Throughout many of our lives we sometimes don’t ask ourselves that question. Whether it be because of the way we grew up or being scared. The idea we want to get across is that you have a choice, you can be and identify however you want.

Something you’ve learned through participating in this project so far: I have learned through participating in this project that community is important and that we all have more of a choice then we think. 

Other projects/performances you’re currently involved in:
Orchid Receipt Service: Play in Brooklyn 
How We Fall: Reading at the Tank
JustOne Improv: Vaudevillian improv show 

Connect with Esco:
Instagram: @escojouley | @onezlife