Featured Artist: Melanie Ramos


Melanie Ramos, Dancer and choreographer

Melanie Ramos was born and raised in Miami, FL and attended New World School of the Arts High School. In 2014, she was a Young Arts finalist in the categories of modern dance and choreography. In 2018, she graduated Magna Cum Laude from SUNY Purchase College with a BFA in Dance. She has studied at Complexions Contemporary Ballet, Alonzo King Lines Ballet, Joffrey Ballet School, Hubbard Street and Ballet Hispanico. In 2015 and 2017, she was selected as a Young Choreographer presenting her own works at the Young Choreographer’s Festival. Following graduation, she received the 2018 Eryc Taylor Dance New Choreographer Grant as well as choreographing for the American Swiss Ballet Company, Frank Sinatra School of the Arts High school and the 2019 CounterPointe Series. She recently participated as a choreographer in the 2019 Jacob’s Pillow Choreography Fellows Program and is now a dancer with Ballet Hispanico’s second company, BHDos.

Your “Habitat: Home – NYC” partner: Joseph Rubinstein, Composer

Any information about your heritage or identity if you’d like to share: I am Hispanic. I come from a Cuban background.

Why you’re excited to participate in “Habitat: Home – NYC”: I’m excited to see different artists coming together and sharing their art not only to each other but to the audience members.

What you’re currently exploring for your “Habitat: Home – NYC” piece:  When Joseph and I spoke about the concept, he mentioned… “I imagined the piece as a kind of map over time – like there is a river, some mountains overwhelm it, and then they slowly weather away.” I was able to relate to that immediately and have been incorporating these ideas into my movement.

What motivates you to make this piece: The music Joseph composed is what drives me to make my movements. I was really pleased with what Joseph came up with making it easy for me to find creative movements.

Something you’ve learned through participating in this project so far: I’ve learned about the importance of communication and the importance of sharing art with the community.

Other projects/performances you’re currently involved in: I’m currently in the second company of Ballet Hispanico and we have been rehearsing to perform at schools, inspiring young children as well as the community.

Connect with Melanie:
Instagram: @melanieramosss