Featured Artist: Rohan Bhargava


Rohan Bhargava, Dancer & Choreographer

Rohan Bhargava, born and raised in New Delhi India, holds a B.F.A in Dance from Tisch School of the Arts, NYU. He works for Greater Ridgewood Youth Council, Kizuna Dance, and 10 Hairy Legs in addition to serving as Artistic Director of Rovaco Dance Company. As a choreographer, Rohan has earned reputed awards and commissions from Mare Nostrum Elements, Mannes School of Music, The Dance Gallery Festival, James Luce Foundation, Sam Houston State University, and CUNY Dance Initiative/Laguardia Community College. He has taught nationally in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Texas as well as internationally in India in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

“Habitat: Home – NYC” partners: Saúl Guanipa (composer), Tais Szilagi (singer, actor), Taylor Edelle Stuart (video/projection artist)

Why you’re excited to participate in “Habitat: Home – NYC”: “Habitat: Home – NYC” offers me a unique opportunity to collaborate with artists I have never worked with before. I am excited to have a singer as well as a visual artist on my team, in addition to the supremely talented, long-time collaborator Saúl Guanipa who will be composing the music.

What you’re currently exploring for your “Habitat: Home – NYC” piece: Currently, I am interested in studying the human relationships and connections that are intertwined within the concept of home. I personally believe that home is not a physical place, but rather a community of people who you can relate to, who inspire you, and who support you. However, what happens when you love a place but are unable to assimilate into the community that exists there? What takes precedence: people or location? Can the two ever be separated? 

Other projects/performances you’re currently involved in: My company, Rovaco Dance, recently premiered an evening length work called KAMA at LaGuardia Community College courtesy of CUNY Dance Initiative. Titled after the Sanskrit word for “desire, wish, longing,” KAMA explored sexual encounters in 21st century party culture, representing our innately human quest for fulfillment through another being. We will be performing excerpts from KAMA throughout Fall of 2019, and you can view a full list of events at www.rovacodance.com/events.html


Connect with Rohan:

Instagram: @rovacodance & @rohan.dance

Facebook: www.facebook.com/rovacodance

Website: www.rovacodance.com