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A 10-week online training for white allies committed to racial justice and collective liberation Get started immediately after you register! Do you struggle with how to respond to racism as a white ally even though you’re committed to racial justice? Does it leave you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated? It doesn’t have to be like that. It can feel healing and humanizing – where everyone is called higher. Let me explain…

Is This You? Since the election of Trump, many white people’s understanding of the US has been shaken to its core. Instead of being grounded in the myths of a post-racial world, it’s become more grounded in the reality of how this country actually operates.And that’s on a foundation of white supremacy and systemic oppression – as people of color and marginalized people have been experiencing and naming for centuries. That’s been painfully terrifying for many white folks who believe racism is wrong.If that’s you, then please read on. As Trump’s threats and attacks on communities of color escalate, you are feeling the need to do something to stop them. But you may also feel frozen in place by the feelings of shock, confusion, denial, and/or guilt at the same time.  Have you felt: Confused about how to make sure you don’t accidentally say something that’s racist – when you can’t trust yourself to know what’s racist; Conflicted about speaking up against racism – but not wanting to speak over people of color; Ashamed when you still subconsciously stereotype people of color – even though you don’t want to; Guilty about having white privilege – but not knowing if you’re willing to give it up or how to even do that; Overwhelmed with trying to figure out what you should do to fight racism – but without asking people of color for the answers while also trying to follow their lead; Frustrated with yourself for being scared to talk to white people about racism – while scared of ruining your relationships with them; Angry at your white family and friends who just don’t get it – even though you’re still learning too. Given all that, it can feel almost impossible to address racism, without emotionally flailing and without making things worse. It can feel like the more you learn about white supremacy, the less you can trust yourself. In fact, it may feel like as a white person, you can’t do anything right around race – and never will. On top of that, you’re supposed to follow the leadership of people of color – but you’re not supposed to ask people of color to teach you what to do. And there’s no consensus amongst people of color about what specifically needs to be done either or how to do it – so you don’t know who you’re supposed to listen to either. Lost and confused about what to do, you may do nothing – while understanding that white silence is white violence. Aka your head spins, your heart hurts, and…white supremacy wins. But it doesn’t have to be that way – there is a way out. Just Imagine… If you could could address white supremacy from a grounded place – where you were deeply connected to yourself and the other person. Where you could: Identify the pain that’s behind your resistance and struggle to take action for racial justice; Care for your pain while holding space for others to do the same; Stop being scared of making a mistake and see them as opportunities for compassionate learning; Get humanizing alternatives to silencing yourself or coddling other people who are being harmful; Engage in dialogue with other people without letting fear or attachment drive you; Help other white people transform their ignorance and defensiveness into greater consciousness and motivation to act in solidarity with people of color; Begin inviting others into a culture of care and consent with how you show up together. Best of all, you’ll be able to do this with a deep understanding and compassion for their white fragility and white guilt – while calling them higher with fierce tenderness. Because this healing work calls white people to be gentle and patient with themselves, which goes against everything white supremacy taught you to do. And that’s how you get to show up for others – when you have been healing yourself from internalized whiteness! Healing from internalized oppression is the primary way I’ve been able to show up in such compassionate ways that effectively call white people higher –  especially as a person of color. Because I can see your struggle in me and me in your struggle. But I’ve been on this healing and spiritual path for over a decade. So I want to teach you in 10 weeks what I learned in 10 years. That way, you can do it faster, less painfully, and with more compassion! Here’s How I Can Help You I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from healing from internalized oppression on my own personal journey and from working with white allies. And I’ve channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step healing processes at the individual and relationship level in this 10-week online training. You not only get the theory, but you also get the actual action steps of how you can do the same in your own life – every day. And I will help you practice doing them – throughout the entire online training.

Yes, you’ll learn the frameworks and healing and co-creation practices to unhook from whiteness. But more importantly, I’ll be having you do it – in real time and repeatedly over 10 weeks. So you shift from just an intellectual knowing into an embodied understanding – gained from actually doing the practices repeatedly.

The end result: You’ll have what you need to continue doing the internal work necessary to make external changes possible. 

Because this journey of personal healing and collective liberation is a lifelong one.

Here’s What You Will Learn This 10-week online training gives you the framework with concrete healing and co-creation practices necessary for you to stop being an unconscious pawn of white supremacy.

While you’ll always be racially white, you don’t have to be culturally white and unconsciously perpetuate racism.

You can learn how to re-become human – so you can be in authentic solidarity with other white people and people of color for our collective liberation.

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