Featured Artist: Saúl Guanipa


Saúl Guanipa, Composer

Saúl Guanipa is a Venezuelan NYC based composer, producer, and a Berklee College of Music graduate. His music has been widely used in film trailers, commercial advertising, and television promos for networks such as HBO, Showtime, Netflix, ABC, and CNN. Saúl has won both the PMA Mark Award and the Music + Sound Award for best music use in online digital advertising, and the 2019 Broadcast Music Award for Best Production Music News Track. He is a staff composer at VideoHelper Music + Sound Design Library and a resident composer for the Rovaco Dance Company

Information about your heritage or identity you’d like to share:
I grew up in Caracas, Venezuela, and went to an international school for most of my life. The school was based on the American education system and was one of two international schools in the city. It was interesting and enlightening hearing both Spanish and English all day, but for many years of my life I didn’t know whether to identify as Venezuelan or American. Despite both my parents being Venezuelan, I felt like I was in this ethnic / cultural limbo , being a sort of “third culture kid” in my native country. In time I let all those feelings go and realized that it didn’t really matter where I came from or if I had to accurately represent where I was from. What mattered to me was simply connecting with people and drawing from your previous experiences in life to achieve that. Not overthinking what or who you are and simply being present for yourself and another individual.

Your “Habitat: Home – NYC” partners: Tais Szilagi (singer, actor), Rohan Bhargava (choreographer), Taylor Edelle Stuart (video / projection artist)

What you’re currently exploring for your “Habitat: Home – NYC” piece:
I have noticed that the subject of home has resonated with most of us. I think this is because many of us in the group are from other countries or have relatives who recently came from other countries. Despite our different cultural backgrounds we have a common emotional response to what home means to us.

Something you’ve learned through participating in this project so far:
Organizing so many people together to talk about different ideas is something I am not used to. However, no matter how uncomfortable or shy I feel in the beginning of our Habitat meetings, I always learn so much about others and I express my thoughts on topics I don’t often talk about.

Other projects/performances you’re currently involved in:
I recently got to work on a comedy web series about Venezuelans living in NYC trying to make ends meet. The show’s title is a direct translation of the Venezuelan expression, “matando tigres” (Killing Tigers), which roughly means a job one must do to survive, no matter what it takes. You can watch the episodes here: https://www.killingtigerstv.com

Connect with Saúl:
Website: www.saulguanipa.com
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/saul-guanipa-music
Twitter: @guanipas