Featured Artist Update: Shay Thomas


Habitat: Home New York City premiered one year ago this month. What are Habitat: Home artists up to now?

Shay Thomas was our superstar assistant with NYC meetings and performances! Here is their update:

Halloween is my favorite holiday, so it’s important to me that I celebrate. To honor the holiday, I’m co-producing with Lemonade Social my first drag show! In the drag world, alternative performers have fewer opportunities. Therefore, I filled my cast with some of the top drag monsters. I also wanted to uplift marginalized drag artists, so my cast is entirely free of cis men. The show will be streamed through Lemonade Social, which is a QPOC women-owned start up. To buy your tickets and watch the show, click here or visit my instagram @ShayThey. I can’t wait to get spooky with you!


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