Via Rachel Cargle:

Hey, I’m Rachel!

My work here on Patreon is rooted in providing resources and critical discourse to aid in unlearning. I believe in knowledge leading to action and I use this platform to both provide education and inspire meaningful action. Thank you for being here!

If you found me through my writing or work on social media thank you for believing in my message enough to stop by. The emotional and intellectual labor that I pour out on those platforms is where a lot of my passion lay. If you’ve ever gotten value from my voice in those spaces this is a perfect way to support my efforts to continue to bring that type of meaningful content.

I’m an activist and writer. I am a passionate woman of color who is excited to share this space with my community in order to continue in our collective pursuit of knowledge and justice in our world.

If you would prefer to support with a one-time donation as opposed to becoming a monthly patron feel free to do so at

You honoring my work in this tangible way goes towards the maintenance of this critical space including my mental health, my physical well being, event needs to production and possibility as well as my ongoing studies where I am learning more and sharing with you!

All my love,
Rachel Cargle

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