The Habitat: Home NYC Team


“Habitat: Home” New York City is getting underway very soon! We will be taking part in workshops on collaborative principles, styles, and techniques, and working in multi-disciplinary teams of 2-4 to create new thematic pieces. We are excited to connect with each other and you as the project progresses!

Participants include:
Adriene Thorne, Dancer & Co-Organizer
Alec Galambos, Singer
Beata Moon, Composer
Danielle Buonaiuto, Singer
Dionne McClain-Freeney, Composer & Co-Organizer
Dusty Francis, Conductor, Singer & Co-Organizer
Esco Jouléy, Singer/Actor
Esteban Suero, Singer/Actor
Jacob Elkin, Composer
Garrett Parker, Dancer
Jay Zimmerman, Composer & Accessibility Consultant
Jesse Greenberg, Composer
Jinhee Han, Composer
Johanna Hayes, Dancer & Choreographer
Johari Mayfield, Dancer & Choreographer
Joe Rubinstein, Composer
Joelle Wallach, Composer
Julia Barry, Composer & Main Organizer
Kala Pierson, Composer
Melanie Ramos, Dancer/Choreographer
Melisa Tien, Writer
Meredith Entrop, Landscape Architect
Rohan Bhargava & Rovaco Dance
Saúl Guanipa, Composer
Sevan Greene, Singer/Actor & Writer
Tais Szilagi, Singer/Actor
Taylor Edelle Stewart, Video Artist
Victoria Bond, Composer

We will be presenting these pieces at events in NYC in October, 2019.