Why We Are Making Habitat: Home


It’s clear that Americans and our planet are in deep distress. While we’re experiencing soaring rates of violence, hate crimes, and natural disasters, talking about our upset and possible solutions in political arenas and on social media has caused the divides in our country to get even deeper.

So let’s harness the power of art.

By creating a safe, open, creative space in which to listen, discuss, explore, and experiment, we’re creating a new way to connect and learn. The artwork that results from these conversations and creative explorations will be shared in large, free, secular, non-partisan events, using artistic impact to celebrate diversity and provide solidarity in local communities. In caring to go through this process, we’re showing each other and our city that we care about each other and our natural home on earth. We’re also giving inspiration and hope: There are always ways to come together and think creatively to make individual and collective lives better.

We are leveraging our role as artists to enact the type of change we’d like to see in our country, while sharing expression publicly and providing resources to spark empathy and public action on our nation’s most timely issues.