Justice for Big Floyd


George Floyd was a peace activist and respected community leader. He was far from his home in Houston when he was murdered in broad daylight by Minneapolis police.

George Floyd, known as Floyd, or Big Floyd, by friends and family, was in Minneapolis on business, far from his family and community, when four Minneapolis police officers murdered him in broad daylight. It was, in effect, a modern day lynching as those police officers served as judge, jury, and executioner on an unarmed, non-violent, handcuffed Black man.

He was dragged from his car, pinned to the ground, and choked even as he begged for air by officers using unnecessary and deadly force.

Video of the incident clearly shows the officer, Derek Chauvin, employing a deadly chokehold as Floyd repeatedly states, “I can’t breathe.” He was non-violent, unarmed, and begging for mercy in broad daylight, yet both officers present at the scene continued to use illegal force until it was too late.

Though Derek Chauvin and the other three officers involved are in custody following their being charged with Floyd’s murder, his family has yet to receive complete justice for the tragic loss they now face. The four officers must be convicted for these charges.

We need your help: join us in calling on important decision-makers to hold these officers accountable for the murder of George Floyd.

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