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Seeking justice means putting in the work. Say their names, share their stories, but first and foremost, take action. We must help the families of Ahmad Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and the many other Black Americans unjustly murdered and abused by law enforcement and other protectors of white supremacy.  Take action today.

Text ‘MORAL’ TO 909-75

Text POLICE to 504-09

and easily and automatically sign a petition to end police brutality and send letters to your officials.

David Mcattee

**Added 6/1**

Police/National Guard murdered David Mcatee in Louisville around 12 am as they shot blindly into a crowd outside Mcatees business. Governor Beshear is allowing LMPD to independently investigate themselves. This cannot stand.

  1. Contact Governor Beshear and Mayor Fischerand demand accountability.
  1. Governor’s office (502) 564-2611
  2. If you have a Kentucky address submit an email here.
  3.  Mayor Greg Fischer -Call (502) 574-2003 or Email here
  4. Contact County Attorney- Call (502) 574-6336
  5. Contact Attorney General Call (502) 429-7134
  1. Demands from Kentucky US Senate nominee Charles Booker
  1. Immediate release of all body camera
  2. Appoint citizen review panel with subpoena power to investigate
  1. Louisville Mayor must immediately appoint interim police chief

**Update 6/2 Police Chief has been fired**

  1. Mayor must immediately fire the officers involved responsible for Breonna Taylor Murder

Tony McDade

**Added 5/29**

  1. Sign the petition here to contact elected officials and demand:
  1. Remove Police Chief Lawrence Revell
  2. Open an unbiased investigation into Tony’s murder
  3. Arrest all the police officers involved
  4. Release all body camera footage
  5. Demand the TPD Citizens Advisory Committee be dissolved and replaced with a freely elected Citizens Police Accountability Council
  6.  Demand response from the Mayor, City Commission, and the Mayor’s “LGBTQ Advisory Board”
  1. Contact Mayor John E. Dailey and demand response and acknowledgment of Tony’s murder and establishment of Citizens Police Accountability Council
  1. 850-891-2000 or
  1. Please also Text ‘TONY’ TO 484848 for more ways to help.


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